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Where to Find Instagram Worthy Spots in Bintan that would be sure to have your friends drooling

Why this post you ask? Instagram that's why. Instagram has been the go-to medium to share your holiday photos and short clips with a hint of linguistic flair. One way to step up your Instagram game is to know those secret spots and hotels with those private pools. Here are 8 Instagram-worthy sports in Bintan. BANYAN TREE RESORT'S PRIVATE POOL Banyan Tree Bintan offers luxurious Balinese-style villas with a private spa pool and free Wi-Fi, steps from a private beachfront. Enjoy a good afternoon soaking in the sun or go for a morning swim to catch the sunrise or wait for the sun to set. Bring along your floats, super suitable for a floaty selfie or a wefie with your pals.  MANGROVE TOUR IN BINTAN The day tour offers you a boat ride that takes you down Sebung River. Cruise down the river and experience the serenity and calmness of the mangrove forests. Pick a front seat on the boat and have a friend take a photo from the back as you cruise down the river.

9 Last Minute Luxury Gifts to Prevent You From Sleeping on the Couch

Too busy to clean your act up?  No worries, we got you covered! From sparkling jewellery to luxurious staycation, everything to indulge your love that would make her melt like ice cream. Here are 9 last minute presents to get your girl for Valentine's day (which is tomorrow by the way)! 1.  Start the pamering with Pandora's Promise rings  ($129) 2. Take a break from sending her home and spend a luxurious night in The Scarlet Hotel.  (Book Here) 3. LUSH Bathbombs - Save water and soak in a bathtub together ($55) 4. Yankee Candles - It is time to set the mood  ($33.50) 5. Spring a surprise and bring sexy back with La Senza Lace Body suit  ($30) 6. Royce Valentine Chocolates for your taste buds ($40) 7. Body Shop Black Musk Eau De Toilette to pamper her skin ($40) 8. Sephora Valentine's day set ($16) 9.  Bring this event to a Full circle with these Kate Spade bangles  ($190) So, what are you waiting fo

5 Spots To Spice Up Your Love Life This Valentine's Day

PHOTO CREDITS TO First comes Christmas, then comes Chinese New Year and now Valentine’s day. Amidst numerous celebrations brimming in, it can get exhausting while planning for your beloved. Going through pages and pages on Carousell and Instagram on the commute, just to find the perfect gift for your partner. The search is over, because the most valuable gift you could ever give someone is your time- quality, intimate and undisturbed time with your boo (Time is great but flowers are good too. You’re welcome). Get away from the hustle and bustle and visit the beautiful beaches of Batam and Bintan, wake up together in a luxurious resort, soak in your own private pool at noon and have a candlelight dinner for two by the beach in the evening. It is time to rest, relax during this season of love and let others do the planning. Here are 5 spots to rekindle- boost- spice up your love life this Valentine’s day. BANYAN TREE VILLA S$348 Banyan Tr