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Woda Villa & Spa Resort

Looking for a class but slightly cheaper resort for your trip to Batam? Look no further than WODA - Villa & Spa. The first over-the-water Villa concept in Batam, Indonesia, guest will also get to enjoy the luxury SPA experience. Take a look at THIS! Seriously, this reminds me of the old kampong style where all the houses are built on high stilts to deal with the issue of flooding. Only thing is, the water  then  was much dirtier and the buildings were old and falling apart. *Shudder* Also, when you are tired from a whole day of staying outside, you don’t have to whine about aching shoulders or body. You actually get to enjoy their spa massages. Wow…I’m in! I already feel better from just looking at this Oh oh oh!!! And this resort comes with a  private pool  as well. Imagine that, A. POOL. ALL. TO. YOURSELF!!! Look at this couple enjoying their time Of course, the most important thing to a resort or a hotel is obviously the bed. What is the use of a luxurious

[ Last Call ] CNY Batam Hotels Best Price Offer Running Out!

With Chinese New Year approaching in a few days, it is hard to reserve hotel rooms. But fret not, WeekendGoWhere is here to save the day! With the best price! Call  63584231 or Click here to Messenger Chat to us to secure your best price rooms now. Take a look at our hotels offered but hurry up since these hotels are selling like hotcakes with only a few more vacancies! There are 2 separate dates to choose from: -----16th Feb----- Harmoni Nagoya - 1 room                                                                *Follow up Below A favourite among Batam travellers, this hotel is located in Nagoya, Batam Island. Within close proximity to the city center and important town facilities, this hotel provides a well-maintained environment for visitors to relax in. Shopping enthusiasts can simply head over to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall in about 10 minutes walk to satisfy their urges. For booking,  Call  63584231  or  Click here  to  Messenger Chat . Batam View Beac

Rekindle your Romance with this 5 ideas for Valentine's 2018

Now that February has arrived, we can await celebrations such as Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. Always on 14th Feb, this year's Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday. This unfortunately means that couples are not able to enjoy any time off to celebrate together. Fortunately, Chinese New Year this year has given Singaporeans a public holiday on the 16th Feb, a Friday, and 17th Feb, a Saturday. This means that by taking a leave on either 15th Feb, a Thursday, or 22nd Feb, a Monday, one can get a 4 day long no-work-day. And that is exactly what this blog is written for! Where to go for a romantic getaway with your long break or simply any suggestions for a blur boyfriend to take his girlfriend out. 1. Head over to KTM Resort in Batam KTM Resort is the best hotel for the sporty and back-to-nature couples. Relive your courtship days through the thrills of water sports facilities such as water boat ride, parasailing or dip in resorts' pool with the view of t