Woda Villa & Spa Resort

Looking for a class but slightly cheaper resort for your trip to Batam? Look no further than WODA - Villa & Spa.

The first over-the-water Villa concept in Batam, Indonesia, guest will also get to enjoy the luxury SPA experience.

over-the-water concept
Take a look at THIS!

Seriously, this reminds me of the old kampong style where all the houses are built on high stilts to deal with the issue of flooding. Only thing is, the water then was much dirtier and the buildings were old and falling apart. *Shudder*
Also, when you are tired from a whole day of staying outside, you don’t have to whine about aching shoulders or body. You actually get to enjoy their spa massages. Wow…I’m in!

I already feel better from just looking at this

Oh oh oh!!! And this resort comes with a private pool as well. Imagine that, A. POOL. ALL. TO. YOURSELF!!!

Look at this couple enjoying their time

Of course, the most important thing to a resort or a hotel is obviously the bed. What is the use of a luxurious hotel but you sleep in a creaky old bed at night? Thankfully, Woda Villa & Spa did not neglect this aspect.

How can you not sleep well with these...

Furthermore, this resort is one of the most comfortable and relaxing I have seen in Batam. Not only are the staffs friendly and professional, the environment is just on another level.
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