Find crystal clear water, hammocks, water slides, and pristine beauty at your next travel destination

Unless you're one of the few lucky ones that can afford time off for long haul flights to your dream destination, good for you! But for those who can't, consider Earth's little paradise in a neighbouring island, just few hours away from Singapore -- Rawa Island.

Rawa Island is popular with families who want to get away from the stress and strain of modern life. Walk along the beach, allow your feet to feel the soft, white, sun-baked sand. Although Rawa Island is quite a remote island, it doesn't matter because there are tons of things you can do!

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Scuba Diving

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Jump off water slides on the jetty!

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BBQ Night

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These are just a few of the activities you can do, not forgetting nightlife and bars that can be found on the island, we're sure that there's something for everyone.

WeekendGoWhere's package to Rawa Island Resort are inclusive of two breakfast, lunch and dinner sets, two-way land transfer and two-way sea transfer from only S$480 per person! For more information, talk to us today.


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