How I packed a weekend worth of baggage in my travel carry on bag

Packing for the weekend can be quite a challenge for some, from worrying about weather change to extra clothes to change out of in case of emergencies. The level of packing raises when you can only bring a carry on instead of a check in luggage. However, packing can be as easy as 1 2 3 if you follow these packing layout and checklists!

Find a packing list on Pinterest! 

Pinterest has a pin or a board for anything you want. Type 'Weekend Trips Outfits' and a whole board will be filled with pins for different locations and weather types. Here are some of my favourite picks: 

Source: Flashpacker Family Travel Blog - Travel with Kids
Source: The Berry
Follow Packing Videos on Youtube

There are a lot of nifty tips and tricks and each YouTuber has their very own style. I went through quite a few videos and found out cooler tricks than just using a vacuum pack. Here are some of my picks:

Check, Check and Check!

It is always a good idea to check yourself as you pack. With so many things to pack in so little space, it is super helpful to have a list by your side to check off every item that is packed and also a space to let you write an item on in case you missed out something.

Here are some tips and tricks to start your travels off right! Go forth and pack for this upcoming long weekend and safe travels my dear friends!


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