8 Reasons to Choose Montigo as Your Next Holiday Destination

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8 Reasons to Choose Montigo as Your Next Holiday Destination

When you thought the only way to enjoy great company in a beautiful villa is to fly yourself down to Maldives and spend a week there. NOT ANYMORE. I bet a dollar that everyone has heard of  Montigo Resorts and there are definitely more people who would love to spend a night in Batam's only 5 Stars Resorts! Need more convincing? Here are 8 Reasons to choose Montigo as your next Holiday destination!


1. Almost every inch of the resort is B E A U T I F U L

We were greeted with the beautiful white and blue coloured themed resort lined with hints of greenery and hues of blue ocean skies and white waves. Each path taken was refreshing and the place is super clean. It can get pretty hot if you decide to take a walk, so grab an umbrella provided in each villa.

2. The Staff are all super polite and efficient

We decided to do some Batik while we were there at the Kids' Club. Each member of the staff was very accommodating and friendly as they made jokes and were patient in helping us get the Batik right!

Our personal butler, Adi was not only knowledgeable but also patient by giving suggestions for our day plans as we were only there for a limited time. He would always be at our doorstep promptly and would also regulate our time if we were running late. HE IS THE BEST! 

3. Travelling around the resorts is easy-peasy

Montigo Resorts is huge and travelling by foot would be quite tiring. However, Montigo Resorts has a buggy system, where you simply just need to call the reception counter or ask for one over the counter while you're not at your villa. A buggy will arrive at your doorstep/where you are at that specific time.

4. Plenty of activities for a short stay

The place that we realised us drawing towards to was Tigo Bar. There were darts, ping pong table, foosball and also a karaoke lounge hidden within Tigo Bar. There is also a selection of water sports activities which include kayaking or motorboat to quench your thirst for adventure!

5. Wide range of food, desserts and drinks

The. Food. Is. DELICIOUS! And not to mention infused fully of Indonesian flavour. 

6. Private pool with no float restrictions

The legendary villa is decked in the same blue and white theme and every one of them comes with a private pool. Each pool is designed to give an infinity pool kinda vibe. So at the right angle, you can capture the perfect pool Instagram photo! If you do, tag us at #Weekendgowhere and #Montigo

7. Shisha, Shisha, SHISHA!

Source: Montigo Resorts

We are in the age group where Shisha was the way to bond after a long day at work or school. And it is really upsetting when Shisha was banned in Singapore. So when we arrived at Tigo Bar and saw the menu for Shisha, our evening plan was SET!

8. Montigo is passionate and put their heart in hospitality

Lastly, Montigo puts their guest's welfare at heart and excellent service at their core. While we were walking about in the villa, we have area managers and service staff coming up to us asking if we needed any help and if we did need some help, they were always there, meticulously explaining each part in detail.

Our colleague loved the peranjak tea (read more about it here) and would not stop gushing over it. The Spa Manager took the initiative and went the extra mile to gift us with 3 packets of Peranjak tea.

Montigo is 5 stars everything but it is definitely their people and love for hospitality that shine the most!

So, the next time you think of relaxing somewhere that has a mix of great service and beautiful accommodation. Give Montigo a go! 😆 Find out more by click on this link.

This post is brought to you by Montigo Resorts 

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