4 good reasons why you should dress up when getting on a plane

Dressing up may not be the number one thing you would prioritise when getting on board, but we believe otherwise. Of course, dressing up doesn't always call for suits or cocktail dresses, but looking presentable (and maybe smelling nice too) always pays off.

Who knows? You might just get upgraded.

1. More pleasant for the flight attendants

Image result for singapore airlines stewardess
Source: Straits Times

Think about it — aeroplanes are work places for these flight attendants, imagine waiting on someone who's dressed sloppily with a poor sense of hygiene. We believe that looking presentable and hygienic is a simple form of mutual respect, not only to the flight attendants but also to everyone around you. What more, it speaks volumes about yourself as a person too, that brings us to the next point:

2. Feel good about yourself!

Ditch the sweats and shorts, put on a nice shirt and jeans. Put on sneakers or boots (helps a little bit if you wear compression socks too!). Ditch the flip flops. Get on that plane feeling like you're ready for your next adventure. Sloppy outfits have an effect on how you're feeling for the day. Imagine already feeling exhausted and putting on 'too comfortable' clothes in comparison to clothes that make you feel empowered. Exactly.

3. You may get an upgrade

It's a no-wonder on how airline companies purposely overbook their flights for cases of no-shows. While it can be rare, economy class fliers sometimes have the privilege of getting upgraded to first class due to overbooking! Sounds good? However, according to airline gate agents, they upgrade people when you're dressed well and is courteous and patient. We agree, because why would they put you up on that seat with the airlines' best customers?

4. Save space in your luggage

Bulky items like your boots and jackets take up a lot of space in your luggage. That's not the case if you put them on when you're on the flight! Plan your outfits around those boots, mix and match it up. You're bound to bring lesser pieces of clothing in your luggage. It may get uncomfortable, but you can always remove them later and put them under the seat in front of you.


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