Want to experience life in prison? Stay at this prison-themed hotel at your own risk!

We've all heard of horror stories of Thai prisons but would you stay at this prison-themed hotel? 🤔 Located in Bangkok, Sook Station is one hotel that you'd never even dream of spending a night at before.

Guests are presented with a set of oversized black-and-white pyjama set and are expected to pose for mugshots before checking in into their rooms. Quite cartoony, we would say.

Source: Laurel Tuohy

For about 1,800 THB (S$74) a night, the rooms feature industrial concrete walls with harsh hanging lights and metal shower stalls. To further complete the experience, toilets are shared among other guests. Yes, you do not have a private toilet of your own 😖

Source: Laurel Tuohy

While the hotel is comfortable and clean, it's not one for those who seek convenience from your room itself. Why, you ask? The rooms are not equipped with television nor a closet to add to the overall prison experience. 

But if it gets too overwhelming for you, hideaway in the restaurant and coffee shop on the first floor or the rooftop sundeck available. For the price and experience, we're saying yes and packing our bags for a little adventure.

Address: 45-49 Soi Sukhumvit 101/2, Sukhumvit Road Bangna, 10260 Bangkok, Thailand
Price: From S$74
Website: Link


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