Ways you might not have thought about on how to save money for your next trip

Wake up. Get ready. Get to work. Coffee. Start work. Go back home. We're pretty sure many of you are stuck with this mundane routine every day especially when you are stuck at a desk-bound job. It's a no-wonder why Singaporeans are the most frequent travelers — we find every possible reason to get away! To help you out, here are some of the ways (that you might not have thought about) on how to save money for your trips.

Save your coins

Coins are the easiest denominations for you to save without feeling the pinch! To make it easier, save the bigger denominations, like $1s and 50¢s when you find them in your wallet into a piggy bank. We promise that if you keep it up, you'll save at least $300 within a week!


Despite the ease of public transport (except for those frustrating train breakdowns), for some reason cabbing is a big part of our culture. If you drive, earn a few moolahs by letting a passenger hitch your ride! Grab's feature GrabHitch allows regular drivers to give commuters a lift without the long term commitment with Grab. You can even sign up right from the app, and you're good to pick a passenger up on your ride home or wherever along the way.

Buy sale items

This is definitely a no-brainer especially when we are the kings and queens of shopping. You see that cute top from Uniqlo but it costs a whopping $49.90. Why not wait? We find that big retail chains like Uniqlo, H&M and Cotton On often slash their prices for up to half of their original prices (sometimes more!) when they needed to make way for new collections — which comes in constantly! So that $49.90 top? It can wait.

Change your habits

You need a Starbucks fix every morning? Or every week? You dine out every weekend? Change those habits to more infrequent timing such as once every few months or only once a week. Watch your money grow by changing these little things! But if you can, set your priorities straight. Which brings us to the next point:

Set your priorities straight

Prioritise traveling over other small luxuries! You don't need that $6 coffee. You don't need that cute dress (it can wait until sale!). That monthly subscription with Spotify? We're pretty sure you can make do by being a little more patient when dealing with the ads. Focus more on your basic necessities and watch your money grow.


Look around in your room — find any old possessions that you don't need! Sell it off to earn a couple of bucks. Adopt the minimalist lifestyle by only keeping the things that you truly need (okay, maybe a couple of wants to keep you sane). We promise that you will feel 'lighter' but 'heavier' in your pockets 😉


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