10 YouTube travel vloggers that you can binge watch without feeling sad for yourself (we know how that feels!)

Getting home from work feeling all weary and dreary wishing so bad that you can get an off day the next day just to have a proper rest. Well, this is Singapore and everyone's definitely a hard-worker! Off days don't come easy so here are 10 YouTube travel bloggers you can binge watch on to bring your mind off things.

1. Fun For Louis

Louis Cole is a British YouTube travel vlogger that first started his journey in 2012. He is best known for his daily vlogs on his channel, FunForLouis which has over 1 million subscribers. Lo and behold, his girlfriend is also a fellow YouTube travel vlogger (number 6 on this list)!

What we love: daily travel vlogs and a live reporting map on where he exactly is!

2. Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is a Canadian solo traveler and has been to over 49 countries since her first travel more than 6 years ago. Being invited as one of the Top 130 of the most influential travel bloggers and digital media outlets to the White House, you know you're in for a treat. She gives great advice on her blog, especially for solo female travelers. #GirlPower.

What we love: quirky style, personality and how she packs her stuff for her travels!


3. Hopscotch The Globe (Kristen Sarah)

Kristen Sarah joined the YouTube community only three years ago and has since then traveled to so many countries alongside her husband, Siya Zarrabi. While she produces videos, her husband writes articles covering travel tips, advice, suggestions, reviews, funny and inspiring stories, and solo travel. They are definitely living the I-want-to-travel-with-my-best-friend-forever dream.

What we love: the types of travel you can find on their blog for travel inspo!


4. Lost LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc hails from Canada and has widely explored South East Asia. If you're looking for travel inspo to South East Asia, then you're at the right channel! Christian's girlfriend also leads a YouTube lifestyle, thus you will see her on his adventures sometimes.

What we love: Christian got sick of the corporate world and decided to travel. That could be anyone of us if you dare to dream :)


5. Nas Daily

Nuseir Yassin or better known as Nas, was, we quote: 32% done with life, so he quits his job to make Nas Daily. He is trying to live a richer life and document it in daily 1-minute videos. Literally! You'd probably have seen his videos shared virally across Facebook.

What we love: "That's one minute, see you tomorrow."


6. RayaWasHere

Raya is a Bulgarian YouTube lifestyle and travel vlogger. Just like her boyfriend (FunForLouis), she has been fully nomadic for the past 2 years! Imagine home being wherever you are. 

What we love: albeit living a life that we all wish to, Raya has faced life crisis like every one of us did


7. Sam & Audrey TV 

Sam and Audrey are both backpackers that actually met when they were backpacking in Itaewon, South Korea! They have been together ever since traveling across Asia and other continents. Talk about magical.

What we love: they put in an effort to shop at local supermarkets and make their own meals out of them!

8. Sonia's Travels 

Sonia Gil is an entrepreneur who wanted to find a better way to learn and teach languages. She opened a language learning company and has since then traveled the globe learning different languages!

What we love: Sonia is invested in feeling the emotions of a language rather than only mumbling a few phrases


9. Story Travelers

Story Travelers consists of a collective of filmmakers, Instagrammers and photographers based around the world who tells their stories through the lens of a camera. If you're feeling rather down in the dumps, this channel is the best thing to watch to get inspired.

What we love: their stories, period

10. Tourist 2 Townie

Gareth Leonard invests himself into turning himself from a tourist to a townie (someone who knows the place well). We find that inspiring — being a traveler is always better than being a tourist. Indulge yourself in the way of the locals wherever you are.

What we love: Gareth ensures that every relationship he comes across in his travels is a meaningful one



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