Cheaper Trips between Malaysia and Singapore

As of 1st Feb 2018, Singapore will cut its toll charges at Woodlandss Checkpoint for all vehicles except for motorcycles.

Initially at SGD$3.80, the toll charges for cars will decrease to SGD$1. Vans and light goods vehicles will enjoy a reduction from SGD$5.80 to SGD$1.50 and heavy good vehicles at SGD$2 from SGD$7.70

Buses and Taxis will experience a fall in toll charges of SGD$2.30 and SGD$1.40 respectively.

This is good news for all drivers who frequent trips between the causeway link and has faced difficulties when Malaysia roll out the Eastern Dispersal Link fee.

According to LTA, Singapore's policy on causeway charges has always been to match that of Malaysia's. Since Malaysia Prime Minister, Najib Razak, has announced the changes to toll charges, Singapore has honoured their policy to follow the decrease.

Considering the fall in toll price and the stronger exchange rate for Singaporeans, now is perhaps the perfect time for holiday trips to Malaysia!


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