11 days to raise money for 60 tons of food for Somalia #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia

Somalia has seen the highest number of deaths due to a shortage of food and water, malnutrition, and other diseases. The hunger crisis is mainly caused by the drought that has affected the country’s agricultural production.

It only took only one voice – Jerome Jarre, an internet celebrity started to tweet to Turkish Airlines in getting a cargo plane from them to transport food and necessities to Somalia, as they were the only airline that flies to the country. Naturally, other celebrities and his followers also hopped on board. Through the power of social media, Turkish Airlines eventually responded. Jarre now has 11 days to raise money for 60 tons of food for Somalia. A GoFundMe page was set up to get donations from all other the world.

The page has already hit their goal of $1 million dollars and is already working their way to $2 million dollars. Famous Hollywood celebrity Ben Stiller came through and has offered his charity foundation Stiller Foundation to handle and manage the funds received.

“We’ve proven with the first step at how powerful we can be when we all unite together.” said Jerome Jarre.

And we couldn’t agree more. To find out more or to make your donation, click here.


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