Colourful bean bags, private cabanas and inflatable floating playground on the beach!

We're all about hooking you up with the latest getaways and when we came across this, we couldn't stop jumping (pun intended 😜) for joy!

Located in the Philippines, do it like a local and enjoy their favourite barkada or family beach-hopping past time but with something BIG! The Inflatable Island is the biggest floating water park in Asia featuring 15 different obstacle courses fit for the young or old. It's a no wonder why Filipinos are bursting with excitement.

We love the colourful bean bags with adorable little parasols by the beach overlooking the floating water park. Ah, we are already vibing with this. Sitting under the shade with a little sippy sippy:

Refreshments on little floaties! 😍

Or a little munchy munchy:

Smoothie (coconut shell) bowls aka Rocco Bowls 

If you're planning your next getaway, be sure not to give The Inflatable Island a miss! While it might be a little too far off for an impromptu weekend getaway, we found an alternative to The Inflatable Island. 

Treasure Bay in Bintan is only an hour's ferry ride away from Singapore. The Crystal Lagoon is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, about the size of 50 Olympic-sized swimming pools! Imagine the number of activities you can do. Wait, you don't have to:

Source: Treasure Bay Bintan

and much, much, more!

You'd be glad to know The Canopi Resort has direct access to the Crystal Lagoon. For more information and package deals on The Canopi Resort, click here


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