Travelling and have too much currency left? Introducing a magical Traveller's Box

Source: Malaysia Outlook
Too much spare currency left? TravelersBox offers a smart way to make use of leftover foreign currency. Instead of taking spare foreign currency home where it'll become useless, deposit it at a TravelersBox kiosk to redeem gift cards from your favorite brands, add it to your PayPal account or make a donation.

TravelersBox kiosk can be found all the countries shown below and now it has made its way into Singapore's Airport! These magical yellow boxes (8 of them in total) nested at Changi Airport Terminal 1 and 3 can convert your leftover foreign currency, both bills and coins, into digital money. 

You can choose to convert it into a gift card, deposit into your e wallet like paypal or donate it to a cause that you hold dear.  Find out more about TravelersBox and how to use it in the video below!


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