Find out who's the winner of the complimentary 1-night stay!

In early April, we held a giveaway on our Facebook page. The lucky winner will win a complimentary 1-night stay at the correct resort guessed. The response was really overwhelming, thanks to everyone who participated! 

Of course, the resort that was depicted in the giveaway was none other than the beautiful Nirwana Resort Hotel in Bintan, Indonesia. We were looking at the exact keywords highlighted, don't be disheartened if you didn't get the answer exactly correct because there's another (even better) giveaway coming your way soon 😉

We refer back to our trusty ol' random picker to select our winner... *drum roll*

Congratulations to our lucky draw winner, Farzana Amin 🎉

For more information on Nirwana Resort Hotel, click here.


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