Have you caught the New slogan from Southwest Airlines? They are bringing beating to another level


Hear ye Hear ye! Southwest Airlines has a comeback for you guys. The new slogan is created to shade the now shares plunging Airline, United, when not so long ago created a global moral outcry. From what you asked? For selecting unfortunate Dr David Dao for 'volunteering' to disembark from the plane that he had paid good money to fly on.

If that wasn't enough, United called in Security and have Dr Dao violently dragged off from his seat, injuring him when his head hits the headrest beside, leaving this 69-year-old grandfather bleeding and disorientated.

During this chaos it is great that we have Southwest Airlines to lighten the mood and to remind us that there is always light amongst darkness. If Southwest Airlines sounds farmilar to you, that is because they have brough to us various flight attendance showcasing their talent on flight with their mouth. Check out the video below to relive those funny moments!


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