Owndays Tiong Bahru : Racist woman assaults innocent shop assistants


Owndays, a eyewear store that delivers fashionable eyewear at affordable prices. Although they have managed to save some cash for upscale spectacles, there is nothing they can do from saving these 2 innocent shop assistant from being assaulted last night in Tiong Bahru.

According to Observer + news,  the misunderstanding started in a train where the Indian lady in the video and another lady (who is behind the camera), presumably of PRC descent, alighted at the same station.

It was not clear what exactly happed but it escalated to the point where the Indian lady chased the PRC lady and ended up in Owndays where she seeks help. Two staff members from Owndays then decided to call the police after they too were assaulted. The Indian lady had also used crude remarks to refer to the Chinese race.

After security had stepped in, the Indian lady went on further to accused the staff of 'stealing' her black bracelet which had in fact fallen off her wrist when she was assaulting the staff members, as seen in the video below at 0:23. Members of the public stepped in to calm the situation while awaiting the arrival of the police.

Police said they were alerted to the incident just before 10pm and that investigations are ongoing.

Mothership has come up with a transcript of the video, for those who wants to know what she said, click here to their website. 


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