WRONGLY EXPOSED: The Couple that Pushed the Old Man at the Hawker center


When there is a sale, Singapore will jump on it. When someone is being disrespectful as a Singaporean, we would jump on it quicker. I am sure everyone have seen the video of a young couple treating this old gentlemen poorly, as shown below:

At times like this, it is amazing how Singaporeans band together and keep the kampung spirit alive. But, what if someone is wrongly accused?

This is what happened to Miss Cherry Tan, the poor girl who is a student in SIT instead of the UOB employee that was made out. Also, Miss Cherry Tan's boyfriend is currently in Taiwan, which is impossible for him to be popping in the video anytime. 

These fake news spread by Kuanyewism and Ang Tock Sheng has caused this young student much distress, after being bullied by netizens online. Miss Tan's friends and family has been trying to clear her name as it is ridiculous to blame someone without factual evidence, but Kuanyewism response seems slightly...threatening?

Miss Tan has also reached out to Kuanyewism, which was only when the apologies came shortly after 
Since then, Mr Ang has also stepped out and apologised on the comment thread.

Kuanyewism has publicly apologised to Miss Tan and also to online followers, through several posts. There were mixed feelings from netizens. There were Netizens who accepted the apology and commended Kuanyewism:

And there were netizens that were thoughtful towards Miss Tan:

Miss Tan has also stepped out and voiced her thoughts on the matter and appreciate if Netizens could let it go as a police report has been lodged. 

So what do you think about this matter? Let's hope the culprits of both matters can be dealt with respectively and the victims can find peace. 


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