Angry, tensed, feeling meh? It's legal to break everything in this room.

We know things can get frustrating each day. You wake up, get dressed, feeling empty, having to face commuters traveling the same way as you in the bus or MRT, get to work or school, and then what happens? You repeat that. Everyday. 

You can't go out for a vacation too soon. Deadlines to meet. You get more upset. But what if we tell you that you can go to this particular place to break things up? Vent out everything. Legally.

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Image courtesy of The Fragment Room

The Fragment Room allows you to do that. Spend 30 minutes to 1 hour in a room, provided with a set of safety gear, your tool of choice (baseball bat, sledgehammer or even a Supreme crowbar), and a crate full of breakables like glass, electronic appliances, and whatnot. Mad at an ex or your boss? Bring your own things to break in the room. Your choice. 

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Image courtesy of The Fragment Room

Just like playing real life Fruit Ninja (remember when you go on Zen mode just to endlessly cut fruits up?), The Fragment Room allows you to exactly do that. Not cut up fruits of course. Their packages feature Single (1 player), Double (2 players), and Annihilation Mode (1 player, unlimited purging). Packages start from S$38. 

For more information, click here to visit The Fragment Room's website. 


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