Malaysia to start imposing tourism tax from August. What?!

TL;DR? Here's a summary of the announcement that was posted on the Royal Malaysian Customs Department this morning.

Taxes starting from RM2.50 (S$0.80) for non-rated accommodations and up to RM20 (S$6.50) at a five-star accommodation

No, it's not per person. It will be charged at per room, per night. While it might not cost that much to us Singaporeans thanks to the currency rate, it is still a little annoying that there's an extra fee to be paid.

Tax will be collected from all types of premises used as accommodation for tourists, except home stay and Kampung Stay registered under the Ministry 

Premises with fewer than 10 rooms are said to be exempted as well. Call the hotels, "Hello, how many rooms have you got?"

We don't know what this means for you but for us, we will definitely continue our travels regardless of what issues that may hinder us. Don't let the small things bring you down, there's so much more to see on your travels 😊


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