Hipster and Old School Hawker Centre in Pasir Ris: What do you think?

Source: NTUC Foodfare

In a statement by NTUC Foodfare earlier (6 Sep), they announced that a hawker centre will open at Pasir Ris Central later this year in November. 

The two-storey hawker centre will feature a more traditional outlook on the lower storey, like the usual hawker centres you see around you today. You can expect to find your local favourites like Mee Rebus, Laksa and Chicken Rice. 

 Head upstairs and you will experience a whole different vibe — a more hipster one — dubbed the Fareground. You can find contemporary fusion dishes like Japanese don bowls or French-inspired dishes. You can also expect for art markets, craft fairs and music gigs to take place here.

You'd be glad to know that every stall operating at this hawker centre will feature at least two budget meals, priced from $2.80, giving everyone a chance to enjoy affordable and quality cooked food. Healthier choice meals will also be available for the health-conscious.

We think that this opens the chance for people to enjoy cafe or restaurant food at a lower price, in a relaxed and casual setting. What do you think? Comment below!

Adapted from Straits Times


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